Lizzie Gelles registering voters at Waltham Housing Authority developments


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Lizzie Gelles, candidate for Ward 1 City Council, recently launched a final push to register voters and get them engaged in the local election.

With two of Waltham’s largest Housing Authority properties located in Ward 1, Lizzie has set a goal of registering 100 new voters by going directly to residents and helping sign them up.

“Just because someone hasn’t voted before or isn’t registered to vote doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice,” Gelles said. “We’re making this final big push to register more voters before election day because our campaign is focused on transparency and giving our residents a say.”

To date, Gelles and her campaign have knocked on more than 5,000 doors. With the registration deadline rapidly approaching, Gelles is taking this opportunity to step back from canvassing for votes and instead getting people engaged.

“Sometimes you have to think about what is really important to our community: to prioritize so-called ‘more important voters’ or to ensure we are not leaving people by the wayside by getting new residents engaged,” said Gelles. “For me, over these next few days, we’re putting a big emphasis on registering voters.”

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