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July 9, 20190

Not very original title, but it makes the point.  I’m *new* at this i.e. writing a blog, just as I am new at campaigning for Public Office, so here are the things I want to say about that:

1. Thank you

Thank you to the constituents of Ward 1 in Waltham, I am finding that I am being welcomed by so many of you in unexpected ways. In the short time that I have been out canvassing I’ve already been invited to speak to several of you, I mean to come inside, not just on the doorstep – in fact, I had an offer to stay for dinner from one family!  I’ve received an actual check from a supporter as I’ve been visiting door to door and I’ve been thanked for running – It’s my pleasure, by the way, because I want this change as much as you do.

Thank you to the constituents of Ward 1 in Waltham, I am finding that I am being welcomed by so many of you in unexpected ways.

2. Learning as I go

I am grasping that the act of running is a very genuine and deliberate process that takes thought, education and study.  I have a learning curve ahead of me, for sure, to get up to speed on many of the challenges that face the Waltham residents and the city council that is responsible for the vital issues that come before it.  If you have a point of view about anything that is ward specific or city wide, please share it with me, I want to know, because I care very deeply about what you care about.  Please don’t suppose that I will have ready answers to all the challenges – not yet anyway.  I make you one promise – I will go and do my homework to find out if there is anything I can share with you and I will get back to you.  Thanks for your patience.

3. The Ask!

If you want to get involved, if you want to make sure that I am able to represent you as the Fresh Voice for Ward 1, there are several opportunities for you to assist me, please consider

· Helping me to fund my campaign, you can do so right through this website, you know what they say “no donation is too small”

· Host a “getting to know the candidate” event at your home, please reach out to Nina to schedule at or email me through the contact page of the website

· Help my chances by assisting me to go door to door as one of my canvassers, I want to hit every single home in Ward 1 before the end of August and I could use some help with that.  I am looking for assistance in specific areas such as Lexington Street and surrounding communities, and around Forest Street and those neighborhoods – huge thanks if you will help this way

· MOST IMPORTANTLY (the CAPS do not mean I am shouting, as in social media, but rather emphasizing the point LOL). Please put the date of the primary in your schedule SEPTEMBER 17, and plan to come and VOTE for me on the run-off ballot which will happen on that day.

Thanks – I’ll post again soon.  In the meantime, please connect with me on Facebook at @walthamward1 (Look for Lizzie Gelles for Ward 1 Waltham MA) or on Twitter @GellesWard1

Lizzie Gelles

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